Drawing for me is another form of thinking, and the root of my art practice. I draw to identify myself, to process and make sense of my feelings. As I draw, I pinpoint and play with particular emotions, the unruly and uncomfortable ones. I visualise these into graphic variations of animal-human hybrid creatures and everything in-between. These motifs reveal my interest in the psychology of anthropomorphism, particularly in fables, biblical parables and children stories. My drawings offer allegories: discourses of power tensions between women and men, adults and children, human and the natural world.


Striving to find a balance between intention and instinct, dynamics of power are also explored in the materiality of my work. By choosing to use a stick not a brush, often drawing with my non-dominant hand, I work with and against restriction in order to push and challenge myself. I work with ranges of scale and space, disassembling and reassembling my drawings to exaggerate and communicate different levels of power and attention. Currently, I am using cut-outs, collage, and animation as methods to pull my drawings from the page, placing them physically with the viewer in the site to heighten disruption and intimacy.

My work is not shy 

My work is not neat 

My work is not patient

My work is not weak 

My work is unruly 

My work is aggressive 

My work is  a b o u n d i n g 

 and it knows how to listen











My work is my shadow 

reverberation of thought




Artist statement

Madeleine Wood © 2021


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